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New Galiwango Render

New Galiwango Render

This is my latest update over at the Galiwango Film website – I am working on a new texture map and hair system for the main mountain gorilla character. Hair systems are expensive to render so i have to find work arounds.


Photos | Out of this World Moon Shot

Hi Guys, I took a break today from work and went to the moon and back in a Flash!! - ok, not literary - but with my Canon EOS 7D, with a Tamron 18-270 lens attached, I looked up to stare at all the stars while swinging my camera looking for something to shoot in the dark


A limited Collection of my Poems

“Mine is a home in the skies. I soar and Glide…what I have put here is a whiff of that fleeting breeze. temporal, but titillating..”


Art Reflections

Art, to me, is such a joy. It enables me to express myself in ways I never could with mere speech. I am able to mount to heights un-inhabited by bounds and limitations. The poetry of color and sometimes the lack there of, feeds that [...]