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Collection of 3D Models and Scenes of Cinematics, Commercials, Simulation Scenarios and Vignettes. Created with 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Vue xStream, Motionbuilder, CS. Post production done with After Effects and Premiere. Character Animation done with Motionbuilder. Scenes rendered using Mental Ray, Octane, FinalRender and Vue xStream. Texture mapping created with Photoshop, crazy bump and image synth.


3D Services Provided: 3D modeling, Texturing, Rigging and Animation. Product visualization. Architectural Visualization in form of virtual tours. Β  3D Content for Animated Commercials, and live action integration.


  1. Janos Gange says:

    Verry Nice all Work man

  2. Peter says:

    i can upload some of what i have tried, am good at modeling, not characters though, av been reluctant to, i have some characters in 2d.
    3d, am good at furniture and nature.

  3. Peter says:

    Please, some help? Mentor ship from u, am using blender, 3ds max, combustion and adobe cs 5, Anime studio as well.
    I want to ma comics and toons although we never READ! my hope z we can create a culture wit the new generation.
    plus our adverts are really lacking, a change in that industry would b welcome.

  4. mc cryptographer says:

    brother solomon,your works are my inspiration they are marvellous

  5. mc cryptographer says:

    brother solomon your works are my inspiration they are marvellous

  6. Sam says:

    Love your 3d art !!!! It’s amaizing ! Anold told me about you ! And that you can help me with art cause I love drawing ,also on My tab.So a old said that I could give you my email and that you wold respond and maybe help me πŸ™‚ thanks.

  7. Minister Willie J. Springer says:

    I am Proud of your great work.

  8. Hassan yola says:

    You work is amazing your are the futur of african cg film… πŸ™‚

  9. David Webster says:

    Absolutely amazing work, as always!

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Thanks Dave πŸ™‚ Long time no hear. Are you still living in Virginia? I relocated to North Carolina back in 2006. I am currently self imployed after having resigned from CAMBER, a defense contractor, to pursue my dream of working as an indipendent film director.

      • David Webster says:

        It has been a while.

        Actually, living in North Carolina…near the coast. Working as a contractor for the AV-8B program.

        Way to follow your dream! I was looking at the Galiwango information, great stuff. Happy to hear you are doing well.

  10. Soreel GraFX says:

    Thanks Laurie, Church’s work is awesome – humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as his name – I love his landscape paintings – one day when I am all grown, I just might be able to capture light and nature the way he did in his pieces. Very Organic indeed.

  11. Laurie says:

    Reminds me of Frederick Church’s work from the 1800’s, which I like very much. He was lumped in with the Hudson River School of art in New York, but I don’t think anyone ever was officially in that “movement.” Very nice work, I like the blue toned rock and branch in another painting you did too. Thanks
    Laurie from California
    PS nice work with the gorillas too, what a sad story.

  12. Soreel GraFX says:

    Thanks Ssebo. Have a blessed day.

  13. Great work says:

    Great work! You have mastered your art so well

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