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Collection of Animated 3D Cinematics, Commercials, Simulation Scenarios and Vignettes. Created with 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Vue xStream, Motionbuilder, CS. Post production done with Adobe After Effects and Premiere. Character Animation done with Motionbuilder, and iClone. Scenes rendered using Octane, RedShift, Mental Ray, and Vue xStream. Texture mapping created with Photoshop, crazy bump and image synth.

Nkoza and Nankya: “Enjovu, The Elephant Tail” animated short film. I created this short film using 3DS Max and iClone. I used the Perception Neuron Motion capture suit (Pro and 2.0) for the animation. I rendered the shots using both Octane in 3DS Max, and iClone realtime native renderer.

This is the Second Chapter of N-aEEXUS. I wrote, directed and Animated the short film as a one-man team. I played the part of the Commander as a Voice actor and a Motion capture actor, my wife lent her voice to the female characters in the film (Thank you, Sweetheart!!). A Special thanks to the Reallusion team for their awesome technical and software support plus Iray guidance. Thank you to Andreas Muskola for the “move that camera” python script.

NaEEXUS Sc-Fi Short Film ~ I Wrote, Animated and Directed this in Partnership with Reallusion
I had lots of fun working on this short film. Check out the Feature on CGSOCIETY at this link:

Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya ~ Luganda Version of itsy bitsy Spider ~ Nankya Dancing to “Nabbubi Yazimba Ku muti” ~ animated episode of Nankya to help little ones Learn How to sing “Nabbubi Yazimba Ku muti” in Luganda!! Enjoy!! ~ The Luganda Nursery Rhymes Album, with this song by Diana Lwanga, voice Actor for Maama Nankya and the Talent behind Mukwano Gwabato

Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya ~ The ever curious Nankya has a burning question for Grand Papa Muzeeyi Mukulu ~ this is AD featuring Nankya and her grandfather, that I created in Partnership with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to promote conservation and Tourism in Uganda ~ Visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority website at: ~ Don’t Forget to Subscribe!! to the series Youtube Channel: – See more at:

Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya ~ Christmas Episode, Nankya Sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ~ a quick Animation from Little Nankya singing you a Christmas song and learning from Grandpa How to Say Tubaagaliza Ssekukkulu Ennungi, n’omwaka Omuggya.

This is a recent Cinematic I created for Mixamo, a motion capture Studio based in San Francisco. They used it at their booth at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2011). Mixamo has been extremely helpful in the production of the Galiwango Film. Thanks Nateon and the Entire team.

Here is the Video of the Short 3D Character animation featuring a Family learning How to get Along in a Small Fictional Village called Blameville. I used Motionbuilder for the Character Rigging and animation, and 3DS Max and Mental Ray for the Rendering. Postproduction was done in Adobe After Effects.

This is a recent, Rapid turn around, 3D cinematic I created for Mixamo Inc (, a Motion Capture Studio based in San Francisco, and Autodesk (  The workflow includes use of the Autodesk animation Store, which is built into 3DS Max 2013, and motion builder. Mixamo needed a demo of the workflow on how an independent film could use their store, and so they approached me to create the cinematic. I enjoyed every moment of it and truly treasure the partnership and working relationship I have developed with their Motion Capture team, with Nateon Ajelo as the Motion capture Director.


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