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This is a collection of Video Game Content and Titles that I have worked on as a Storyboard Artist, an FMV Animator, 3D Artist, Environment and Level Designer, Modeling, Texturing and Matte Painter. The titles cover my stint at these Defense contractors and Gaming Studios: Rival Interactive, Cornerstone, SAIC and Camber.

The list Below Includes the US Army’s “Joint Force Employment,” US Army National Guard’s “Guard Force (2), and Simon & Schuster Commercial Releases “Real War” and “Real War Rogue States.” And the most recent one is “Prism the Game” ( which is funded by the US Army National Guard as well. There are a couple of other video games I worked on but are classified so I cannot show any images here.



Real War Rogue States intro


Real War Rogue States FMV/Intro


Real War Rogue States FMV/Intro 2


Real War Game Play screen Grab


Here are some Photos from Prism the Game, which is a Rival Interactive Title.


Here is a Prism the Game Poster (You can Download a Print Version here: ย



  1. Ronals Rodney says:

    great staff would you teach a brother here

  2. Edgard Gonzalez says:

    Great portfolio. Impressive work.

    Do you play games on Steam? I like to friend artist and developers. I like seeing what games everyone enjoys playing and their opinion and reviews on games.

  3. Hi Solomon Nice work over there

  4. Douglas Kijjambu says:

    Hey man,
    Am happy with your work and the fact that you can do all that in that competitive country. You have just made mi feel proud of my being Ugandan. Hope all goes well with your future projects. How much can you do a 5 sec 3D work for.

  5. Sammy B says:

    Fantastic portfolio, i love your 3D imagery..

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