What I see, Though Sorrows be True | Poetry

I Stand Upon this Tower of Thought and Ponder
The Gales of Sweet Caress
In My Minds Forest do Swoosh and Whoosh

Along Floats a Tune of Faint Affection
Growing Stronger as the String gets Longer
If there be Perfection in a Path wrought of Human Affliction
Then Ours has been a Love Trail worth Reflection

I see a Feather glide, afloat a Gust so strong
Tossed and Turned.. whipped and Flipped

I see a Feather Glide, still as light as before
The Ripples Fan out as it Settles upon a Symbol
Of  Uncertainty…. Troubled Waters
Stilled by the Very Breath, that set it Upon
Its writhing framework

What do I see … ? A Portrait of Where we Have Been
An Echo of a Long Haul

That My sweetheart, is what Gives me Reason
Day after Day, From Dawn to Dusk,
To Express my Gratitude to the One True Source
Of all Human Supply

The Oracle of my quests
And the Future to our Journey of Love
Glory to Our Heavenly Father!!

That He has Given us Love
And topped it with affection, wrapped with Passion
And sealed it with Total Provision

Is something I bask in Everyday
And Leads me to My knees to thank Him
Ever So, for his Awesome Care and Grace
Even Though Sorrows Be True


By Solomon W. Jagwe | © All Rights Reserved


  1. Minister Willie J. Springer says:

    Thank you Cousin for such beautiful words of wisdom from your heart. Through all the storms, trials and the tribulation of life, sorrows does wakes us up. By Faith. Hope and Love we know that the Master is there to see us through. Yes its all about His everyday grace and mercy. and I too, is also thankful for his many Blessing.

    Bless you!
    Love you!

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