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Collection of paintings and drawings from 2D projects featuring Matte paintings, Storyboards, Oil and Acrylic paintings, hand drawn illustrations and cartoons. I created them with Colored pencils, HB Pencils and Photoshop, plus zbrush.


2D Services Provided: Oil and Acrylic Paintings: Portraits, landscapes, architecture. Character Design, Environment design, vehicle design, Story Boarding, concept visualization, Matte painting, comic book art, children’s book illustrations.



  1. kaweesi jude says:

    Wish u could animate my face .

  2. kaweesi jude says:

    Thanks for the good work…

  3. kiirya david says:

    solomon nice work being done, am an up coming 3D artist in uganda but i always look up for your new projects for inspiration thanks men. and hey i dont know if u remember me ,the guy who met u amakula film festivals at national theatre and you directed me to your site. thanks me. i look forward to meeting you again. soooooon

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