BMW Demo, 3D ~ Rendered in 3DS Max

Here is another Octane test of a BMW I did using 3DS Max. I used Octane’s built in Daylight system for the lighting. The average render for each frame set at 1280×720 at 30fps, was 1:29 minutes (I minute and 29 Seconds) I am using a Geforce GT 640 graphics card for the real-time render ~ the Card has 2GB of graphics Ram.


Here is another Octane test I did using 3DS Max. This scene has no lights, all the lighting information is gathered from the Environment Map, which is set as a Texture Environment in the Octane Render settings. All the maps have also been converted from standard Mental Ray Maps to Octane maps. I used a combination of Specular and Diffuse maps. The reflections are captured nicely, I am so loving these Shaders and the built in Ambient Occlusion mode.

This is the finished Render



Here is the Wireframe of the Scene inside of 3DS Max.


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