Jungle Scene ~ Rendered with Octane for 3DS Max

This is a scene I set up in 3DS Max 2013, and rendered with the Octane 1.0 realtime renderer from OTOY. I am amazed at how much real time render engines are improving.  I used one single daylight, light, and made some edits to the maps; Octane offers a button to convert all the textures in a scene to Octane compatible shaders, but some slots are not taken into consideration so I had to add the texture maps for the Specular slot and normal map slot.  I am impressed by the results.

Here is the real time render from Octane:

This is another shot from a different camera:

Here is the wireframe of the scene in 3DS Max 2013.



  1. Allan alkay says:

    awesome! this is the life! lighting is on point and less geometry which i think makes it lighter to render! the textures and materials on the rocks plus the ground makes it more realistic. Sure Octane is the next deal! have you tried using iray for max 2013? and are your going to do away with mental ray? Coz i was trying to muster mental ray!

  2. benjamin mosh says:

    Nice work man. Iam working on a typical Ugandan bushy scene (like a drive from Mukono to Jinja through mabira) but am stuck . I use C4D R12 because that’s what my machine can handle. Any advise you can give

    • Thanks bro. Does C4D have instancing? because what you could do is create one very nice tree, spend some time on it, and one nice matooke plant, and maybe some grass models, and then use instancing to populate the road side, and the forest with those models.

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