Scary Mountain Gorilla Encounter, I Shot in Bwindi, Uganda

I experienced first hand what it feels like when a mountain gorilla bears down on you. I almost passed out as this black back got up and started walking directly towards me, there was no where to quickly turn in the thick undergrowth and I almost fell backwards, as he brushed by me. I still remember my knees feeling weak and could hardly hold the camera steady afterwords. I shot the video during my visit to Bwindi Impenetrable forest in Uganda.

It was taken on my trekking trip to gather reference footage for the Galiwango 3D Animated Mountain Gorilla Conservation Film ( ~ A special thanks to Steven (UWA Driver), who drove me all the way to Bwindi and joined me on the trek, and our main tracker, Sgt. Major Benjamin B. Thanks to UWA for sponsoring the unforgettable experience.

This is a photo of my Mountain Gorilla tracking Certificate (Nshongi Group):

You can see more photos from my Mountain Gorilla Trekking trip here:

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  1. Stean says:

    Gorilla trekking is a wonderful experience despite the beastly appearence of there faces. Thanks for sharing.

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