Crysis 3: OPEN BETA ~ Download and Play!!


Man, the wait is finally over.  We finally get a chance to sink our teeth into this much anticipated FPS. The Crysis 3 Beta is now available to play on Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC. Power up your Nanosuit and test your hunting skills across the Museum and Airport maps in a lush and eerily familiar New York City. Survive the attack or stalk your enemies in the brand new “Hunter Mode” or battle for dominance in the “Volatile Crash Site mode”

To play the Beta: Visit the Crysis Website (Link) ~ DOWNLOAD BETA

Check out this awesome Trailer: The game play looks amazing.


The graphics from the Crytek Engine which powers Crysis, are simply stunning. So if you have a souped up machine, get ready for some insane special effects.


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