A Poem in Loving Memory of Stephen “Blackie” Gonsalves

Here is a Poem I wrote in loving memory of a wonderful Photographer and Champion of the Batwa people in Uganda. Blackie was a dear friend and a great person to work with, he and I shared the same passion of wanting to see the Batwa supported and the mountain gorillas saved from extinction.

He is survived by a loving wife, Dorothy Gonsalves ( https://www.facebook.com/dorothy.n.gonsalves ), who is determined to carry on his legacy of love to our fellow Ugandans. Take a read and please pray for Dorothy as she grieves the loss of her best friend and dear husband.

Our Blackie, From September to September

If I could humbly speak, for the Batwa
Even through the Pain, I would boldly Utter

You Felt Our Anguish and did not Despair
Our Bleak future You set out to Repair

Through Your lens, You Managed to Capture
A Slice of Our Past, that is now a Fracture

Daily You snapped away to Show the World
Our Plight and Need, you Spoke out Loud

But Now you are quietly Gone
Shouldn’t We feel helplessly Alone?

We look to the Trees, as the Wind Blows
Through the August Leaves, Your Laughter Flows

We close Our eyes, and choose to Remember
Your Kindness and Love, that burns like an Ember

Though presently Your Presence might seem so Far
Your Memory in Our Hearts, Will Never be a Blur

For From September to September, We will Seek to See
Our Blackie and Valliant Warrior, You’ll Always Be

By Solomon W. Jagwe | © All Rights Reserved, in Loving Memory of Stephen “Blackie” Gonsalves

Your memory will never be forgotten and we will continue to pray for your wife, Dorothy.


  1. LYDIA says:

    Steve, i will always miss you. Every memory about you in my mind and my daughter`s life is so fresh. You were a dad that will never be replaced in my life. My family always reserves your chair in our sitting room and patiently waits to see you sit one day on the ressurection day.

  2. Its sad to hear about the sad news of Blackie’s passing on. Indeed he was a good friend to the Batwa and a personal friend. We met while he was implementing a 3 H Rotary project in Kanungu district. He was candid, humble and straight forward in his work. Will miss him. May His Soul rest in eternal peace.

  3. Sue Giguere says:

    We will miss Blackie so very much. He was a bright light in our lives, sharing his unique vision of the world with humour and kindness. I was fortunate to work for him when he still owned Lake Photography but, more importantly, he was our neighbour and friend. I especially recall a hike he and I took on the Tahoe Rim trail. I wanted to share with him some amazing views. Tess, his much-loved border collie, came with us and we felt as if we danced on top of the world with her. The view so delighted Blackie that he just stood and laughed in happiness. That is the image of him that I will always hold.

    Goodbye, Blackie, May you find beauty.

  4. Lynn Berry says:

    Blackie introduced me to the Batwa and to Ms Dorothy in 2010. I will continue to do what I can for the Batwa. I LOVE THE BATWA. I am destined to help. My friend and Colleague Jeffrey is my connection to all, because of his kindness I was able to journey there. I am praying and moving forward still waiting to find my place at the table of the Batwa and the gorillas.

    • Hi Lynn, it’s great to hear the impact that Blackie has had on other people around the world. He truly had a love and passion for helping the Batwa. I worked with him and remember his laughter vividly. He was a great soul and loving man.

      The best we can do to honor him, is to carry on his legacy of reaching out to the Batwa. Thanks for your desire to help my fellow Ugandans.

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