Finalist at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival ~ Nkoza & Nankya Short Film

Dear friends, Never give up on your dreams!! What started as a small dream, is now growing wings and flying on an international stage. Our Nkoza and Nankya “Enjovu, The Elephant Tail” short animated film got another recognition: We received another Laurel for Finalist in the Best Short Film Animation category from the Slovakia, Kosice International film festival. Gakyali Mabaga – Watch it at this link; ~ Thank you so much for your continued support ?

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Mwebale nnyo!! Than you very much!!

Thank you so much to the Africa in Motion (AiM) film festival for screening our film. We are so honored to grace your screen in Edinburgh, Scotland as an Official Selection.

We are super grateful to Noitom for supporting us with their Perception Neuron Motion capture Suit tech, and to Reallusion for their generous support with the iClone line of tools which made this film a reality. Thank you to Faceware Tech, Inc. for their facial mocap tech as well and their support from the very beginning. We appreciate you all!!

A special thank you to the entire Sowl Studios team (, and to Diana Lwanga (Mukwano Gwabato) for gracing us with her vocal talent and music.

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