iPhone X Facial Mocap using Motion LIVE & Full Body Mocap with Perception Neuron 2.0

Sharing My Animation, Film and Storytelling Workflow ~ I have uploaded a new video to my Youtube Channel, of my voice acting and full-body motion capture using the Noitom Perception Neuron 2.0 Mocap suit, and Reallusion Motion Live in iClone. In this shot, I acted and voiced the part of the 3D commander character.

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Check out the video below

What a time to be alive and experience this incredible tech revolution in the arena of 3D and 2D animation

Learn more about iClone Motion Live at the Reallusion website: https://mocap.reallusion.com/iclone-motion-live-mocap/default.html   ~ Check out the Perception Neuron Pro motion capture suit at the Noitom Website: https://neuronmocap.com/store?field_category_value=PN

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