iClone & iPhone X Facial Mocap with Perception Neuron Pro for Full Body Mocap

Napoleon Full Body Motion Capture and Facial Motion Capture ~ This is a quick voice acting session I did with the dialogue of Napoleon, inspired by Napoleon: Total War Trailer, a video I saw about 8 years ago, that was created using Faceware. In this Second test, I added a full-body mocap take using a Perception Neuron Pro suit that was kindly provided by Noitom. I rendered this scene in iClone using Iray.

The results are pretty cool and very promising. This take was raw and unedited, which goes to show how much the tech has advanced compared to 8 years ago. I highly recommend the Perception Neuron Pro Mocap Suit, iClone and Motion Live, plus Live face as a solution for your short films and cinematics.

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Check out the video below

What a time to be alive and experience this incredible tech revolution in the arena of 3D and 2D animation

Learn more about iClone Motion Live at the Reallusion website: https://mocap.reallusion.com/iclone-motion-live-mocap/default.html   ~ Check out the Perception Neuron Pro motion capture suit at the Noitom Website: https://neuronmocap.com/store?field_category_value=PNPRO

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