“Toxic Planet,” a 3D Cinematic for Mixamo Inc.

This is a recent, Rapid turn around, 3D cinematic I created for Mixamo Inc (www.mixamo.com), a Motion Capture Studio based in San Francisco, and Autodesk (http://usa.autodesk.com).  The workflow includes use of the Autodesk animation Store, which is built into 3DS Max 2013, and motion builder. Mixamo needed a demo of the workflow on how an independent film could use their store, and so they approached me to create the cinematic. I enjoyed every moment of it and truly treasure the partnership and working relationship I have developed with their Motion Capture team, with Nateon Ajelo as the Motion capture Director.

Below is a Video interview of the process I went through to create the Cinematic.

Here is the Final Render. For rendering I used the Nitrous, the Realtime Renderer built into 3DS Max, and an invaluable tool called Power Preview ~ incredibly the renders took 30 seconds per frame.


To learn More about our the Autodesk Animation Store visit: autodesk.mixamo.com. Check out Mixamo’s 3D characters,  and find out how to upload your own, learn about about rigging or animating using one of our thousands of motions on www.mixamo.com

Here are some wireframe screen grabs from Motionbuilder.

Wireframe screen grab from 3DS Max:


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  2. JBM says:

    This animation equation makes everything seem so easy and yet probably not . I have to thank you for reaching this far in this motion picture development.

  3. Thanks again for all the hard work on this one man…You really killed it.

    Just a preview of more awesomeness to come!

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