Concept Character Drawing ~ Mars Landing

“KAMPALA CHRONICLES,” Comic and Animation Project ~ This is a concept drawing I did while watching the preparations for the Mars landing of the Curiosity Rover. I have always been a Science Fiction movie fan. I enjoy spending time drawing concept Drones and automatons, plus Alien landscapes and spaceships.

I Hope to model and animate this guy when I get some free time. Next step will be blocking out the environment for a better color and 3D matte painting of the background.

Here are some earlier steps I took shots of to show the progression towards the concept drawing at the top.

A close up of the colored pencil shading and lines. I love colored pencils because they don’t smudge like my 2B and 3B drawing pencils.


  1. pascal Ocan says:

    cant wait!!!

    great stufff man

  2. Suuna says:

    Nice stuff
    also working on mine may be i will post it

  3. Nateon says:

    Nice concepts homie! I dig the style. Awesome to see how you are always inspired

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