Dare to Dream Big! ~ Never Give Up

After the loss of my studio equipment to a robbery (4 computers and External Hard drives, all my DSLR Camera and Lens equipment, laptops), everything in me was screaming out, why did this have to happen?? I lost a lot of my Galiwango Film scenes I had created from scratch ~ work I had invested so much time and money to create.

The hard drives where I had saved the 3D Models, environments and animation backups had also disappeared. I had made sure  to backup my scenes, but now even the Backups were gone.

I wondered to myself, “Why did God allow this to happen? Is there any sense in carrying on with the Galiwango Film? It felt like I was paddling upstream ~ I had to remind myself why I had started on this journey in the first place and to remember the joy of serving and being used as a channel of Blessing.

I remembered the earnest request ranger Sgt. Major Benjamin Bayenda had made when I met him in Bwindi back in January of 2010. He urged me to share the story of the mountain gorillas and the effort the rangers were putting in to protect them. He emphasized the urgency and consequences of not doing anything, plus the need to get the youth involved.

One of the things that I truly thank God for is that he Made a way even in the midst of the adversity and loss. Some how one machine that had some Galiwango sketches and reference material I had gathered over time, including a Documentary I had been working on, had been left in the middle of the living room.

I have something to start from in the rebuilding process. I will continue to believe that there is a silver lining behind every cloud and that God is still in control. Do not give up on your dream. Even when times seem dark and hope is diminishing. There is a way and you will succeed if you do not lose faith.

My life story is still being written, and I am more than convinced that along the way, I will be given opportunities to grow and excell, as well as share my testimony .. and I am starting now ….

“No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.” 1 Corinthians 10:13



  1. “people can rob our success but they never rob our heads. ” trophy

  2. Tekton says:

    With God, you can be assured that your reward will be a hundred times the loss you’ve experienced. Your trust and love for God, alone, is enough to ensure you multiplied success and shalom in 2012. Remaining trusting in Him and you will reap the rewards He has in store for you in 2012!

  3. Nelxon says:

    Solomon, I am sorry to hear about this. I’ve been coming to your website to follow your progress and I really didn’t expect this. All I can think of is WHY? My heart goes to you and your family. You know I have always been in your corner so if you need my services, I’m here.

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Nelson, thanks man. Appreciate you stopping by and for the words of encouragement. I am taking it day by day. It still feels like a dream, but I keep waking up, I keep waking up … lol!! It hurts to lose work that I have invested so much to create, but I know I will emerge stronger.

      • Joseann says:

        HI, I am really sorry, too. Just wondering: what would it take to get your work back, may be? Is there a chance? Couldn’t you send an appeal through the huge network on the Internet? Let them keep the equipment, but ask them to send you your work back. Wouldn’t that be great? Okay, may be I am naive….

  4. David says:

    You are in my prayers ….I knw wht you are going thru.
    @ one time in Ug they stole my dad’s car with all the video equipment, cameras 2 mixers n decks …
    But with the grace of God my Dad came to confess tht it was a blessing for the stuff to be stolen for buying new stuff is when we started editing on computers when no one back in Ug even thought abt it.

    its tough to live thru but You are a WINNER and an OVERCOMER in God’s Name

  5. DLWANGA says:


    Thanks for sharing this heart-felt experience. I take it, this was a break-in robbery…oh! how could they? But I am very optimistic that amidst the pain and agony, you are making progress…and gonna produce an “out of this world” project….I am sure, the final product will blow you away…because it will be over and above all previous products you had produced. You are a child of the universe, and born to succeed. You’ll pull through. Thanks for holding out the torch. Gakyali Mabaga

  6. Nateon says:

    Duuuude!! Solomon, my heart goes out to you. I’ve totally been there. Take a little break or something, take some time away. Its a hard thing to deal with, but the silver lining is the second time you do something it turns out 10 times better. I still have all of your original files, so let me know if I can help!!

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Thanks so much Nateon, SUPER excited to know you have a backup of the MOCAP files!!! I appreciate the support and words of encouragement bro. Taking it day by today, and trusting God to see me through.

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