Galiwango Film Update ~ Hair & Mocap

Here is an update from the “Galiwango, Obulamu Bw’ekisodde” Film Production diary. I finally achieved a hair solution that looks nice on the mountain gorilla characters. Here is a scene of the jungle setting with one of the mountain gorilla characters, using Motion Capture Data from the session I did at the Mixamo Studios in San Francisco.

Still Render in 3DS Max before compositing in the Jungle Environment which was created using Vue xStream.

And here is a compressed Video of the animation after compositing in After Effects.

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Another Render test using Global Illumination and Ambient Occlusion


  1. Joanita says:

    I can hardly wait! I am so glad to take part in it’s making! Thanks for the Update.

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Me too Joanita!! lol! working hard to make that a reality, the stakes are too high. Thanks for the support. You just might win an award as the leading Galiwango Film Fan πŸ™‚

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