Visiting Kigali, Presenting Galiwango Film

Last year I traveled to Kigali, Rwanda, for the first time to present the Galiwango film to the Rwandese Wildlife and Conservation team, the IGCP and the Greater Virunga Transboundary Secretariat.

The meetings were awesome and I met women and men who are totally dedicated to the conservation of the last remaining mountain gorillas. It was a great experience and I was blessed from listening to them share their wealth of knowledge and years of experience from the conservation effort.

Here are some memories from my 4 day trip to Kigali, November of Last year, 2010. I was graciously welcomed by Rica Rwigamba, the head of Tourism and Wildlife in Rwanda.

It was great meeting another young person so passionate about the conservation of endangered wildlife and the hard work done by the game rangers.

I was introduced to her by my good friend and former classmate from the days of Budo, Frank Twagira. His wife welcomed us into their home with love. I made the trip with Hazel Collett, a family friend and a JJ Uganda Ministry Leader (JJ Nsumi is a school for Orphans in Bushyenyi, she heads the ministry).

Kigali is rapidly expanding and the skyline is beautiful. I was really impressed by the cleanliness of the city and the efficiency of the work at the RDB. Everything that you could possibly need to register a business, is located in that one building.

I met with several team members of the IGCP in Kigali at their office not too far from the RDB (Rwanda Development Board) building. Rwanda is doing a great job of sensitizing the youth to the work of conserving the endangered wildlife. It was really cool to hear the stories of students participating in mountain gorilla tracking trips. We definitely need to reach out to the younger generation, we are the consumers and leaders of tomorrow afterall.


  1. agape says:

    that was great!
    ur effort dude is appreciated from the unknown too, and may God’s favor be upon the work that u do especially to conserve wildlife and create that harmonious environment on earth.
    and as well as your family, may u live to see the goodness of the Lord because of the passion u have in whatever you do.
    cheers to life!

  2. Ian Redmond says:

    Great to see you making these connections Solomon – I am sure Rwanda will also embrace your intitiative with the enthusiasm it deserves.
    Komera cyane,

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Thank you Ian, the 3 meetings I had went very well and they were excited to learn about the film ~ the challenge is jumping from that initial connection to actual funding and support for the film. I continue to push forward with the limited resources I have. It’s too great a cause to abandon. I continue to believe.

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