Solomon’s Canon 60D Review

Canon1dm4-canon-60d-and-rode-videomic-1Hi Guys, taking a breather from editing videos on several projects to give my 2 cents on Canon’s most recent DSLR release, the EOS 60D. I think Canon got something right in creating this mid-level, semi-pro Digital SLR. I have had it for about a month now and I must say I am enjoying the Vari-angle 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor.

I have worked with both the 5D Mark II and the 7D, and I finally realize how much I have missed having a flippable LCD monitor, especially for those low shots that require going down on one knee. With the 60D, I don’t have to contort myself to see whats being filmed; all I have to do is swivel the lcd monitor and continue shooting. The canon team also paid attention to the direction of the lcd monitor swivel. I noticed that on the Nikon equivalent, the LCD monitor flips downwards and not off to the side like the 60D. This means that if you have it mounted on a tripod, chances are that you will be limited in how far you can swivel the monitor.

I am also liking the 18MP censor which is similar to the 7D. Storage wise, I wished the 60D had the same card slot as my 5D and 7D, because I now have to buy 2 types of media storage cards – the CF cards for the 5D and 7D plus the SD card for the 60D.

It’s rather convenient to be able to swap cards on the 7D and 5D.

I will be updating this blog as I continue to work with the 60D. Overall I am pretty impressed by the new features and the body design. It has been criticized for not having a sturdy body similar to the 7D, but I think it is sturdy enough even for road warriors. But just like any camera, you have to take good care of it and you have to watch that flip screen and keep it tucked away, avoiding nasty accidents where you crash it against an obstacle and losing it completely.

More to come.


Title: Canon EOS 60D DSLR


  1. Soreel GraFX says:

    I am doing some low light video and photo tests with the 60D, using a Canon 35mm, F1.4 and a Macro 100mm, F2.8 ~ I will be sharing my findings here and posting some test clips. So far so good. A nice B, or C camera.

  2. Gabriel G says:

    how much does the Canon 60D cost?

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Hi Gabriel, the 60D costs $1099 (Body Only). I got mine on sale at Penn Camera. I am sure you can find a good christmas deal out there. If you buy the kit that comes with the 18-135mm IS Lens, the price might be a little higher. I saw a deal for $1149 at Best Buy

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