From an Egg to a Rooster ~ 3D

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Looking at these guys and their Super Kooooool Gadgets, I am reminded of the Ugandan saying, “Even those that are roosters, were once eggs” It sounds better in Luganda, but anyways … Gakyali Mabaga. Inspired to Create and Great Story Telling … Sinakowa .. here is to having a vision and a dream and sticking to it | |

3D Stereo Now Child’s Play

Rendering 3D stereo images with finalRender 3.5 has become so easy, it can be used in every single rendering or visualization project.

Impressive 3D stereo renderings are no longer just for the “big guys” in Hollywood. finalRender democratizes this area of rendering and brings it to the mass market. Architects and designers, for example, can now easily create 3D stereo renderings of their designs for every single project. The added overhead to create a fully stereoscopic 3D image from an existing rendering is near zero and adds little to the render-time.

The rendering shown below illustrates how 3D Stereo Camera creates images that show real depth in any rendering. No extra effort was needed to obtain this effect with finalRender 3.5.


  1. Soreel GraFX says:

    Galiwango Film in 3D … hmmmmm still mulling the idea – awesome thing is that Final Render 3.5 now has native support for stereoscopic recording and cameras. I can hardly wait.

    • Aaron says:

      19 Apr ’11 8:15 pm by Denis Dzyuba Hi Greg,Here is a question: where does Blender save the voeipwrt render result? I tried it on my PC, and when my rendering was set to PNG, it saved every frame as a .png file in my /tmp folder, as usual; however, when I switched to H.264 (hoping to get a video), I could not find anything at all (while the ‘normal’ render creates an AVI in the same folder). And in the voeipwrt, it just kept playing at 2.64 fps, no matter which button I clicked…Thanks in avance, and thanks for the tut.

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