You have made Me
With what instrument I do not Know
You have molded me
The miracle that is me,
Intricately designed with infinite love
A texture of care and tenderness
With a plan so subtle and yet
So appealing and awesome

What makes me go
I have sought to know
The Makers countenance
I have longed to behold
That chuckle of delight
At the finish of my design
I have desired to hear.
But desire as I might
Denied Me you have
Of the ability to see, touch, smell,
Hear, Hear?
Others say they have
Of thine voice beheld,
Baritone or Bass, I cannot say

Only One thing have you granted,
And this I know, Dearest Maker,
To be thine grandest delight
Simply and yet Bindingly
That I may believe in You
To acknowledge You as my Creator
And to trust You to repair
All my cracks
Whenever I Fail or Fall.

By Solomon W. Jagwe | © All Rights Reserved

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