Tempest tossed, I sail home
The tide I ride, filled with foam
Closer and closer to the shore
My sea beaten boat is drawn

Creaks sound loud, leaks looking wide
Gashes adorn the bow
Sails spluttered with streaks and tears
Left in the wake of unmerciful gales

Darkness engulfs, blanketing and unyielding
Peer as I might, nothingness is all I see
Groping for a foothold, sliding and tittering
Torn and shredded, my hands cannot hold

Pain, sharp jabs of shock!
My eyelids strive to keep out
Light gaining strength – warmth all around
Hope given wings – soaring and renewed

A lighthouse – graces my view
Eyes slowly opening and pain subsiding
Peace so becoming, fears assuaged
Hunger dispelled, courage restored!

Tempest tossed, my boat is no more
This tide I ride is filled with pride
Closer and closer to the lighthouse
My joy laden heart, finds Rest.

By Solomon W. Jagwe | © All Rights Reserved



  1. Charity says:

    Still my fave. Though a little abstract, very rich imagery,.. you make it easy to visualise your arrival at the lighthouse. Personally, after such a ride, I would like some pomp, or fanfarel. I see you leave it to our imagination. Beautiful poem!

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