Music Videos

Music Videos ~ December, 2010

Music video shot in Maryland, National Harbor. Created for the Batabazi (Wanderers) Hip Hop group in 2010.


Music Videos ~ April, 2010

Music Video for the Song “Misubbaawa” from Maurice Kirya’s new album called Misubbaawa. I directed, shot and edited the video. The footage was shot one January night in Uganda soon after the Galiwango Film Preview event, where Maurice Kirya performed. It was shot in 6 hours with 2 cameras. Primary camera was my Canon EOS 5D mark II.


Music Videos ~ August, 2009

Music Video created for Hip Hop group Batabazi Warriorz. Footage shot in Boston and North Carolina. Videography by Solomon W. Jagwe, David Alligawesa and Andy B. Editing by Solomon W. Jagwe. Batabazi group members, PG, Naz, Shalto, Jerome and Rose.


Music Videos ~ January, 2009

~ The following two music videos were created for Recording Artist, Mardderranks based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Footage provided by the artist. Edited by Solomon W. Jagwe


Music Videos ~ September, 2007