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  1. jamil miyingo says:

    Dear Solomon,
    Am miyingo jamil, a pharmacist and animation fan in Uganda. Thanks for rthe great work, i appreciate.
    I have an idea of making a very original animation film/serie/franchise in UG, but with miniaml animation skills .
    I have always wanted to make a change in our motherland but through what inspires and love best.
    your advice and pointing me in the right direction would be apprecited and of great help

    Best Regards


  2. Basalirwa abdulbast says:

    Hello am Basalirwa born and raised in Uganda currently studying in China , and whiling to do animation movies in the near future i have just started my journey and i need some guidance from you thanks ..

  3. hey solomon am now runing 3 tvc project for 3 telecom companies in uganda now have been given this work

    through there advertisisng agency and i have to complete there work in just a month is there any way you can

    help me if atold i sub mit some concept you

    am into tvc commercial doing for lowescanad and moringa yours sidyen sengooba 3d artist free lancer

  4. Nsamba Brian says:

    i really love this work solomon and keep it…thanks for representing Ugandans

  5. jin woo Choi says:

    Dear Solomon


    My name is jin woo Choi from South Korea
    jina langu ni jin woo Choi

    Let me introduce myself first shortly

    My name is jin woo Choi, working for 15th Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF) in south korea
    as a manager in international digital cartoon dept among our festival organization

    You can see more detailed information about SICAF on our official website,,
    however, it’s now under process of renewal for 2011 edition

    In my digital cartoon dept, we also running cartoon competition titled 6th International Digital Cartoon Competiton

    so i’d like to publicize our digital cartoon competition more widely in your country, Uganda through your help

    I found your information by googling

    When i checked the submission rate from Uganda, we have not received anything since 2007
    and so if possbile, i’d like to get more works from Uganda this year

    Actually when i checked your website, your job is mainly for film/photography/animation
    but i think there are your friends in Uganda who draws cartoons/comics

    so i hope you to tell your frineds in Uganda about our competition news

    Is it possible?
    And is it possible for you post our cartoon competition news on your website or facebook pls?

    I will send you e-mail with our regulation again

    Thanks a lot


    Looking forward to hearing good news from you soon

    Best Regards

    jin woo Choi

  6. Respect to you great services.l am very glad that the way you do your work is very amaizing truly.Stay Blessed and l am always looking forward to share my Talent with people like you Mr.Solomon.


    Johnson Ssempijja
    A.K.A .Johnson Legend

  7. jay joseph vijjay says:

    the movie was awesome.

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