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MARCH 28th: Galiwango Film Production Diary: CinemAfrica, African Film Festival Report ~ The Galiwango film Preview was successfully screened on March 26th and at the Film Breakfast on March 27th. Check out video of the Galiwango version shown in Sweden Below. I had a great experience at the African Film festival, and will always be grateful for the opportunity that the CinemaFrica team extended to me to present Galiwango and to speak at the African Animation Forum.

I am also grateful to the Uganda Wildlife Authority who have supported me this far, and who sponsored my mountain gorilla tracking experience on January 17th, 2010 – without which I wouldn’t have the valuable research that I conducted for the Galiwango Film. Thanks to Lillian and the entire UWA team, and to the rangers I interacted with while tracking Nshongi: Link to My Mountain Gorilla Tracking Trip:

Here are some screenshots from the Galiwango film that was screened at the CinemAfrica, African Film Festival, in Stockholm, Sweden – March 24th to the 27th

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A special thank you to Pete Morrison of Bohemia Interactive for his support, and for continuing to believe in the value of the Galiwango film, and to the Team at Mixamo, who have been awesome as partners in the effort to raise awareness to the plight of the mountain gorillas, and the conservation of Endangered wildlife. Thanks also to Zign Creations ( for the support through their wonderful Zign Track Pro facial motion capture software.

Thank you to the Kellermann Foundation, who sponsored the Second Edition of the Galiwango “Kasobeza” Comic book – they are doing an awesome job of drumming up support for the Batwa pygmies, my fellow Ugandans who got displaced from a habitat they shared with the Mountain Gorillas. I kindly request you all to join me in supporting their cause.

MARCH 26th: Galiwango Film Production Diary – Galiwango to be Screened today, March 26th, at 6:00pm – I am currently in Stockholm Sweden, getting ready for the 2nd screening of the Galiwango at the Bio Rio Cinema. The film will be screened again tomorrow March 27th. I leave for the US on Sunday. It has been and continues to be a great experience. I am sharing about the plight of the mountain gorillas and highlighting the hard work done by the Game Rangers as they daily put their lives on the line to protect the mountain gorillas.

I am also talking about the hardships that the Batwa pygmies are facing. They need our support. They were displaced from their habitat in the Bwindi impenetrable forest and live on the fringes of the forest. It’s a hard life for a group of people who were so in tune with their natural habitat and now are forced to live without that heritage and struggling to find a place in modern society.

Do please Contact the Kellermann Foundation, and consider donating to help their cause. Visit the Kellermann Foundation’s page here or give them a call in the US at: 214-519-9279 – a donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated.

You can also purchase a copy of the Galiwango “Kasobeza” Comic Book – the Second edition which was sponsored by the Kellermann Foundation, as their way of showing support to the wildlife conservation effort and to raise awareness to the plight of the Batwa. A donation will be made by me from the purchase of each second edition comic book of Galiwango and Kasobeza. Thanks again for your support.

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