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My Name is Solomon W. Jagwe. The Creator and Director of the Adventures of Nkoza and Nankya (www.nkozaandnankya.com), and a Freelance 3D Artist, Modeler, Animator, Painter and Illustrator.

I grew up on the outskirts of the capital city – Kampala, on the slopes of a hill called Mutundwe. My early childhood was in the countryside – Masaka, far from the rumbles of the city traffic.

While in Uganda, I worked for 3 companies. Infosat – as a website developer and artist, Photo Magic – as a photo processor and photographer and C&MS – as an artist and web development instructor. After graduating from secondary school (Makerere College School) – A-Level, I came to the US in 1996 to complete my degree in Art via a Scholarship.

I graduated in the Spring of 1999. I attended Ohio Valley University, Montgomery College, and George Mason University. I majored in Art and Visual Technology with an Emphasis on 3D Environment Design and modeling, Character Modeling and Animation, Vehicle Modeling, and Simulation.

After my graduation I worked as a Storyboard Artist, an FMV Animator, 3D Artist, Environment and Level Designer, Modeling, Texturing, and Matte Painter for several Defense contractors and Gaming Studios: Rival Interactive, Cornerstone, SAIC and Camber.

From 2016 to 2018, I worked fulltime as the Art Director of Floreo, www.floreotech.com ~ a VR (Virtual Reality) Gaming Studio based in Washington DC., creating VR gaming content to help kids with Autism develop social skills in a safe environment.

I enjoy my work tremendously and I am forever grateful to God for blessing me with a gift I can share with the rest of the world.

I am currently working as a Freelance Artist in the areas of Concept Design, Architectural Visualization, 3D Modeling and Animation, Motion Capture, Matte Painting, Illustration, and Story-boarding.

More of my work can be seen at Cgsociety.org – http://solomon.cgsociety.org

Paintings: https://www.sowl.com/category/paintings/
3D Art Gallery: https://www.sowl.com/3d-art/
2D Art/Illustration Gallery: https://www.sowl.com/2d-art/
Animation Gallery: https://www.sowl.com/animation/
Video Games: https://www.sowl.com/2013/02/video-games/
Photography: https://www.sowl.com/photography/


  1. Rolo Cieri says:

    Hello Mr. Solomon
    You really are a genius in your work
    I congratulate you and it’s a pleasure to have you in FB
    Rolo Cieri

  2. erick says:

    Hello Mr. Solomon am Erick from Kenya a graphic designer also a film student in a local university my interest lies in animation though i haven’t gotten a chance to learn anything yet am teaching myself to develop simple characters by drawing,i was just thinking if there is any project you are doing and need any help in areas of graphic design story development or just anything that entails animation i would love to help and be part of what you a doing .what you doing is really awesome and to know that you are from a neighboring country encourage me a lot.

  3. Peter says:

    Dude, am a super admirer of ur work, am from Uganda as well and i have ventured into the same field and u are a great inspiration for me, keep doing what u do, prosperity and success throughout this year, happy new year..

  4. sam says:

    me and my pal we currently have a production house called talking film in Uganda. we have just worked on a project with CNN -CNN heroes. i have looked at Your work. very good stuff. we like to share notes with you about film production here in Uganda especially East africa.

    • thanks for the kind words Sam. I have sent you an email. What kind of project was that?

      • sam says:

        they have segment called CNN Heroes- people who have philanthropists in various communities. As for Uganda, the Hero is this American guy who has an organization called wine to water which has been giving out water filters and water tanks in rural areas of Uganda. good stuff.

  5. Edward Baliddawa says:

    Dear Solomon,
    It has been a real while since I touched base with you. I am glad that you have moved to another level of your imagination and creativity. You make us proud who know you and your humble beginnings. I continue to pray for you and your family.

  6. Hey Boss,
    Love ur work and i hope one day we can work together. This Year i will be starting Filming and i would like to pick ur brain for some points.


    Roy Rogers

  7. Godfrey Musango says:

    This is amazing stuff Solomon! Keep up the great work. Proud of you.

  8. Hi Solomon, its decades we last met. Your work is awesome… Some obs have always appraised your work as excellent and unique and i longed to have a peek… I have, today. Keep it up dude. I’ll definately get back to you. In the interim, success to your art.

  9. nabukenya feddy [fidelis] says:

    Hi solomon, u r doing a great job with your gift of art.Iam also an artist graduate from makerere university Art school, BIFA..born in masaka,sister to stella namuwonge of texas.Also a musician.Would like to know more about what u do, and may be work with u someday.Would like to participate as a musician in Ugandans in the Diaspora this year at serena hotel.How do i apply. email feddym2000@yahoo.com

  10. Mrs. Charlotte Gulyetonda-Tshibangu says:

    I love the work that you do. I pray that God will richly bless the works of your hands. Happy 2011

  11. Bukenya Eddie says:

    Hi Solomon i have visited your website and am interested in your graphics, am Bukenya Eddie and staying in Uganda i videos for Ugandan artists, using adobe premier pro2&3 i also edit photos using photo shop Cs 2 &3. but i want to learn after effects. can you help me and send me the data tutorials me i will download them and print them out please i just request. if you will please send them on bukexus@yahoo.com . i will be great full if my request i considered
    Regards Bukenya GOD bless you.

  12. Mwaka Samson says:

    Hi Solomon, it’s good to hear from you, been quite a while but it’s amazing what you’ve achived over the years as per your website ratings.

    Just wanted to say to an old friend, keep up the good work.


    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Samson!!!!!! Man, it’s been ages since I last heard from you OB! Thanks for stopping by and for the kind words. Great to hear from you old friend. I still remember the days of the Art room at MACOS – are you still interested in Art? Please send me your phone number. I was recently in Uganda. I wish we could have met and caught up on old times. Stay blessed.

  13. Soreel GraFX says:

    Thanks Jay. Appreciate the kind words. Glad to make your acquaintance. My goal is to inspire others and also have a positive impact on their lives. I am grateful for whatever you have been able to pick from your following of my work. Stay well bro.

  14. jay joseph vijjay says:

    not only are you talented but also focused and determined, hardworking and a loving husband, dad and mentor. im delighted and honoured to have you as my mentor and truely hope to become as great as you as i endavour to follow in your footsteps. i have followed up most of your work on the various websites and i can’t believe how incredible it is.

  15. John Marie says:

    Solomon, ssebo, gyebale. Obulamu? Nange ndi we Masaka – awo Kyetume between Mbirizi and Kyazanga on Mbarara road. Oli NC, nze wano e Richmond. Bwoliba osobodde onkubirako 763-291-1102.
    Webale emirimo gino mukulu. Birabika bulungi. You are a talented man.
    Akuume ssebo.

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