tyFlow is an Awesome Plugin for 3DS Max

Every now and then, a plugin comes along with the potential to change the workflow of many CG artists, and sometimes it takes a while for said plugin to be adopted and for it to be embraced by casual and professional users ~ well, recently a new plugin for 3DS Max came along and it has been embraced enmass by many 3DS Max users, because it is easy to use and carries along a familiar glow, pun intended… πŸ™‚ ~ tyFlow is like Particle Flow, pFlow’s new sibling that is growing in leaps and bounds and has the potential to replace it.

I did some tests with tyFlow and I must say I am hooked!!

Tyflow Animation rendering using Autodesk 3ds Max? and OTOY? Octane 4.0 ~ I finally got the animation rendered, check it out!! ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAkJHAn1NY4 ~ I loooove this plugin!!!

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