Sculpting in VR using Oculus Rift and Quill ~ Art Direction, Floreo VR Autism App

My Art Journey in the Diaspora ~ I have been waiting with great anticipation for Quill and the Oculus ~ all I can say is that the way I do art will never ever be the same again, VR has changed that forever ~ imagine an unlimited canvas in all directions, coupled with the sound a pencil or a brush makes when you are drawing or painting ~ now I know what my lunch breaks are going to be like ~ my first creation today was a wire car, just like the ones we used to make in Uganda ~ but this time done in VR… I am going to be recording videos from my creation sessions ~ you have to see it to believeĀ Ā ~ thank youĀ OculusĀ people… like we say in Uganda, “Nze I fear you” heheheheĀ 

Sculpting in VR on the Oculus Rift video

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