Concept Art using VR ~ Art Direction, Floreo VR Autism App | Solomon W. Jagwe | 673 views

Art Journey in the Diaspora ~ Talk about Serendipity – the first Boss who introduced me to computer graphics was an Indian gentleman called Alnoor, a tech visionary, he changed my life when he taught me Photoshop & Corel Draw at the end of the day, each day after we returned to his office all sweaty and dusty, near Uganda House, off of Kampala road, in Uganda – My new boss, at the VR gaming studio where I am working as an Art Director, happens to be a brilliant Indian innovator – he has introduced me to this new world of VR (Virtual Reality) – in both instances, it was a chance meeting, but it was also as a result of being prepared for that moment when opportunity came knocking. That’s why I take seriously every moment I sit down to create a piece of artwork. You just never know who might come knocking… opportunity favors those that are prepared.

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