Abstract Jazz Scene Painting | Solomon W. Jagwe | 5,020 views

Jazz Painting Completed ~ Ushering in thanks giving with Thanks Giving ~ I am grateful to Peter Kigonya for the opportunity to create some beautiful art for his awesome living space. I delivered this 4 feet by 16 feet (4) Panel Jazz painting in time for thanksgiving. I thank God for his Blessing and for the gift of art ~ I definitely do not take it for granted.

Peter in his own words:

“The mood the art work sets to the house is priceless… worth every penny… definitely added to our thanksgiving. I also noticed some subtle attentions to detail that only a few fellow artists can appreciate… sources of light, shadow sources etc… And with a room full of people the pieces take on a new life – like the walls are actually playing music and entertaining the guests. Good job man.”



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