Painting for North Carolina Zoo

I completed this 48″ x 36″ Silverback Gorilla painting for the Zoo To Do event hosted by the North Carolina Zoo ~ the original painting is going to be available at their Silent Auction, taking place on September 26th. I look forward to attending the event.

If you or any of your friends are interested in a digital print (comes in different sizes) ~ kindly visit my society6 page at this link: ~ it’s also available as a canvas print ~ ~ and a framed Print ~


Below are some still photos from the painting process



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  1. Am from Uganda am so astonished with you work. You inspired a friend of mine in the same field of animations and am sure he is following you up. I actually downloaded a couple of your videos to distribute them among kindergarten schools here at home to inspire them that we also have music and play videos in Luganda for kids.
    Am a web developer by profession and also i want to be a freelancer like you but i have failed to make it. May be if you can help me in that area. send my regards to your family and solomon your son

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