3D Concept ~ Crime Scene Reconstruction

July 4th Render ~ Crime scene reconstruction ~ 3D modeling, Texturing and Rendering ~ created with Autodesk 3ds Max using reference photos, rendered with Octane ~ I was imagining an idea of evidence recovered from a river, effects of rust, and water exposure ~ the challenge of recovering finger prints.

The rendered scene before and after texturing


The scene and models inside of 3DS Max.




  1. Michael says:

    Hello, do you know if we can or will can use and manage mlueileytred images in blendercycles’s nodes in near futur.I’m a C4D user but, i have to say that blender is quite cool in many ways like UVunwrap and Cycles with is nodes and is photoshoot friendly interface too. I’m from the print and packaging world and i export multilayered psd from indesign or illusrtrator to cook my materials in C4d because it can open and manage multileyerd psd actualy to isolate the different print process for a pack or tube, but i would love to do that directly into blender too.

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