Citroen Concept Render, Lighting & Texturing in Maya

Citroen Concept Texturing, Lighting and Rendering ~ I setup this composition in Maya ~ the lighting and texturing was also done in Maya. The Vehicle Model was provided by the 3D Artist Magazine Team.

Final Render


Below are some steps I took in the lighting and texturing process:

citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_00 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_02 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_03 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_04 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_05 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_06 citroen_maya_render_Solomon_W_Jagwe_07

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  1. Kenneth says:

    Man i like this, it really looks real. keep up the grade

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