Pacific Rim Film Poster Concept

This is my rendition of a Pacific Rim Movie Poster. The model was provided by Warner Bros and IGN.COM as part of their “Create Your Jaeger” Contest. I rigged and rendered the Gypsy Danger Jagger in 3DS Max. This movie looks awesome, so it was a joy to try to replicate the professional looking movie Banners they already have out. I can’t wait to watch the Film.

Final Poster Render


Wireframe in 3DS Max


An Earlier render, as I was setting up the lighting and Textures.


Check out the Build your Jagger Contest here:


  1. Where did you get the models?! I looked on the warner bros website and it isn’t there. And what rig did you use?

  2. Vaughan Korede says:

    Woooow, this is good, rly good.

  3. TheSoundninja says:

    hey, solomon. could you post a link to the pack you downloaded for the contest? i cant find the pack anywhere and would love to be able to play around with the models. thanks

  4. AcedGfx says:

    This is so incredible dude whoa!!! Is Octane renderer better and faster when rendering using global illumination than Mental Ray?

    • @AcedGfx ~ thanks πŸ™‚ ~ if you have a good graphics card (2 or more), preferably Nvidia with at least 4GB of RAM, yes, Octane does give you some incredible renders in realtime with GI, GR and AO ~ it feels like being a director on a film set and all you have to do is direct where you want the lights to point, set you camera settings and Octane does the rest.

  5. Sasuke says:

    how you get the model? can you provide me the link to download the model?!? i want it badly!!! thanks~!!!

  6. Brian says:

    How did you get the model? Or did you recreate it.

    • Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚ The model was provided by Warner Bros and legendary pictures. I imported the model into 3DS Max, and rigged it there. The rendering was also done in 3DS Max

  7. Nateon says:

    Lookin good buddy….Mad skillz!

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