A Seed for Nkoza and Nankya, Animated TV Series


A 3D Animated Children’s TV Series, entitled “A Seed for Nkoza and Nankya” is an Education through Entertainment concept: Join Nkozessa Zange and Nankya on their Quest to go School and learn all they can about protecting their small village and  the challenges of living in the shadow of the Big city which is expanding rapidly and threatening their culture and the well being of the wildlife living in the surrounding forest:

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/ASeedForNkozaAndNankyaTVSeries

Coming to WBS TV (http://www.facebook.com/WbsTvUganda ), Saturdays and Sundays.

The Children’s  Animated TV series will be airing on WBS TV on Saturday Mornings between 9:45am and 9:55am, with a repeat on Sunday Mornings between 9:15am and 9:25am.

Counting Down to Promo


October 9th ~ Celebrating Uganda’s 51st Independence Day


Nankya writing in her Diary, counting down to the day her Big brother returns from the Big City with new tales ~ She loves mukene cooked in ground nut sauce.. Diary Entry Number 24 ~ a big thank you to all the New Friends and Fans.


Working hard to bring you the first Episode of Nkoza and Nankya. It has been a very interesting journey, one that hasn’t been without challenges, but all in all, I push forward. I truly appreciate all the kind words and support from friends and Fans. Thank you!!



Behind the Scenes Update: 
 The Village where Nkoza and Nankya’s Grandfather lives.


Behind the Scenes Update:  The evolution of Nkoza, this is close to the finished feel and look, I am animating him, with some room for tweaks.



Behind the Scenes Update: Working on a some background Music for the TV Series, some Village scenes will feature Kadongo Kamu tracks composed by Yours Truly 🙂

Music Grind Update: Kadongo Kamu Test


Behind the Scenes Update: The Animation Trenches, this is where the rubber meets the road, giving personality to Nankya and Nkoza, and bringing them to life.



Hardware Improvisation: I have had to pop out my Home Made, head mounted Camera Rig to capture some reference facial animations for the Cartoon Characters. This has been a very interesting journey and a fun process.  I have upgraded the Camera Rig to have some lights for the face ~ Check out how I made it here: (http://www.galiwango.com/2012/11/05/custom-head-mounted-camera-rig-for-facial-performance-capture/ ),



Nankya Lighting UPDATE: Nankya is proud of her Bitutwas, (Bantu Knots).


Nankya Lighting UPDATE: A render of Nankya chatting with Jjaja in their home.




Animation UPDATE: Here is the First Video Render of Nankya’s Introduction

February Update: Sub-surface Scatering Final Texture and Lights for Nankya, Nkoza’s little Sister.

February Update: Early Rendering, and Texturing tests for Nankya, Nkoza’s little Sister. Body textures and a dress


February Update: Some more character sketches for a future episode ~ Scifi Related.


3D Character line up, concepts in Zbrush ~ background characters for the TV series, this is one of the old guys from the village, he lives by a road that Nkoza and Nankya often use on their way to the bus stop. I don’t have a name for him yet, so you are welcome to chime in.



This was the first sketch I drew as a brain storming piece to get some of the thoughts swirling around in my head onto paper. My hope is that this series provides both entertainment and education to kids in Africa and around the world.

Here are some concept drawings depicting the setting of the TV series.


And this was the day we signed the Contract at WBS TV with Managing Director Lydia Ndagire. I am working on the website for the TV series, Scripts and storyboards. My goal is to show the process from the beginning, with the hope of inspiring my fellow Ugandans so they too can bring their stories to life.  So I hope we all can enjoy this ride together 🙂 Thanks to WBS TV for this opportunity. Together we can make a difference 🙂


Say hello to the Team behind the upcoming Children’s TV series, “A Seed for Nkoza and Nankya” ~ in the Middle is Reeta Jethwa, the Producer of Kids Corner 2 and chidlren’s programming on WBS TV, and to the left of her is Sophia Matovu, the Deputy Head of Production at WBS TV. This is the team I will be working closely with in bringing Nkoza and Nankya to life. Truly Excited!!!



  1. Andrew says:

    Hello Solomon. I would like to discuss a matter of research with one of your animations. Would I please have a chat with you?

  2. Vincent says:

    I’m really glad to see it. Can’t wait to see the first episode. I have a comic book too, and my dream is to have a show too. African heroes is really important to children.
    I live in France, don’t hesitate to tell me if you want french subtitles

  3. Ivan Battaka says:

    Impressive work, keep it up, I hope your golf game is as good as your graphics now

  4. Great work you are doing there … can’t wait to hear the news and if you would like to have a special session at one of our festivals in Kampala, I will be happy to give you a slot to talk about the inspiration and efforts in the series.

    • Hi Faisal, Much appreciation ssebo. I hope you and your team are doing well. I think the last time we met was with Steve Jean when we had a meal together with you in Kampala. Keep the fire burning and raising Uganda’s flag. 🙂

  5. Kenneth says:

    Awesome work, looking forward for the episode. Thanks bro

  6. Diana says:

    I am looking forward to Nankya series when are they out ? great work Solomon

  7. Sunny says:

    This is so beautiful, my son is 4 and we live in the United States – I want him to watch this amazing work with faces he can relate to. Thank you for this.

  8. Henry Ssali says:

    Mwami Jagwe mwebale nyo omulimu gwemukola. Ffe abali kumawanga twetaaga nyo cartoon zabana bayige olulimi oluganda. Twesunga nyo ebitone ebitto nga mwe…

  9. Martha Kamuntu says:

    This is brilliant! How exciting it feels for our kids to be able to watch a series that they will be able to relate to in as far as culture goes without ignoring the reality of many children across the globe. Best wishes with this project, and hopefully many more to come; looking forward to the launch.

  10. Paul Waddimba says:

    Jagwe, Gakyali Mabaga! Keep the fire burning

  11. Moses M says:

    Great works ” Thumbs up”. Looking forward for your final productions. Hope to join you in future.

  12. Richard Kato says:

    hello, bro,.

    i wd want to have a talk abt animation in uganda.. how can i contact you? i wd want to know when
    you are in uganda.. Im a trainee in 3d animation,and here is my samplehttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4519689024913

  13. pascal ocan says:

    fantastic cant wait. if u try checking wbs now there is alot changing.

  14. Seal says:

    there is always a lot to archive in life and you prove it Solomon, i am glad to be apart.

  15. Caesar says:

    You really have gifted hands, Solomon.
    Will be back to check on your portfolio’s developments.

  16. bruno says:

    nyc work solomon.
    Wen u cmg bak.
    Wld lyk 2join.

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