Galiwango Film ~ Production Diary, Renders

Animated FILM: Raising awareness to the plight of the Mountain Gorillas, Rangers and Batwa

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Galiwango Film Production: October 10th Update

I have spent the day working on refining the Facial Motion Capture Rigs and Data for the Gorilla Characters. It’s crunch time, and these animations have to start rendering like Yesterday. Here is a screen grab of the Rig with one of the gorilla characters.

Check out this VIDEO ~ Behind the scenes of the Making of the Galiwango film Sound track and audio score ~ Thanks to Alan Kisaka, based in Los Angeles, CA ~ your talent is greatly appreciated and thanks for joining me in this effort to raise awareness to the plight of the last remaining mountain gorillas, and the sacrifices of the Rangers in the range states, who are working hard to protect these endangered great apes and their forest habitats.

August 24th Update:

WOW! where does the time go?? So here is an update on the Galiwango Film Audio score. My good friend Alan Kisaka has been busy at work on several tracks for the more somber scenes in the film. I am really excited at how the final is going to sound and for Alan’s generosity. I will be uploading the behind the scenes video shortly. Alan plays for a Band called The Strangers, do please check them out and show them your support! Website:

July 19th Update:

A special thank you to the team at Faceware Techonologies, Inc and ImageMetrics for partnering with the Galiwango film, by providing Facial Motion capture services for the 3D characters, both for the rangers and mountain gorillas. Check out more details about the partnership here:

July 9th Update:

Galiwango Film 3D Character Profiles/Sketch: Sergeant. Muteesa: A ranger of 10 years experience. Voice Acting by Maurice Kirya ~ Mwooyo Kirya ~ Maurice is lending his talents and voice to this Character, playing as a former co-worker o Colonel Kasobeza, as a committed soldier and voice of reason, with a goal of encouraging Col. Kasobeza to abandon the Poacher ranks and rejoin the Elite Ranger Unit.

July 6th Update:

First Video look at the new 3D environment This is a test render of one of the more emotive scenes in the film featuring the sad transition from a beautiful habitat to one stripped of the forest cover ~ Undergrowth shot

July 5th Update:

This is another Galiwango Film Jungle Environment ~ In this particular scene, I am showing the gradual decline of the Jungle from a prestine and beautiful habitat, to one poluted with ash falling from illegal charcoal burning Kilns ~ a practice that is stripping the Virunga Jungles of the much needed forest and tree cover, which provides a home for many endangered animal and bird species.

Charcoal particles floating in the jungle undergrowth.

June 28th Update:

I have been up to my neck with wrapping up other projects before leaving North Carolina. Here is a quick update of the Jungle environment from one of the Scenes with the Poachers and Mountain Gorillas.

The render was done in 3DS Max with Mental Ray, the scene was setup using Vue xStream for the vegetation and some custome plants.

June 23rd Update:

I have been working on fixing the Hair Solutions, I noticed in one of the animation renders that as the Gorilla character was talking, some hairs were poking through the mouth so I had to go back in and repaint the hair solution. See the screen grabs below.

This is a test render of the New Facial Rig for the mountain gorilla characters: Emotion test.

June 2012 3D Character Update ~ Galiwango’s updated Beard ๐Ÿ™‚ I am working on new models of the Galiwango Mountain Gorilla Characters, Poachers and Rangers.

Galiwango film Reload ~ I lost a lot of my film models, renders and environments to a robbery at the end of 2011. This is my new effort to getting back into the film pre-production and recreation. I have been working on this new model in my free time. It’s a joy to see it coming to life ~ out of the ashes and adversity. I am committed to seeing this Wildlife conservation film through to the end.

Here is a Video Preview of the 3D Galiwango, Mountain Gorilla Character.

This is Less Blurry Vimeo Version

Here is a Youtube Version (It’s a bit more blurry, something about the Youtube Compression)

If you find it in your heart ย to help, kindly consider a small donation to help me regain the progress I had made, and rebuild the render and animation system. ย The rangers, Batwa and mountain gorillas deserve their story to be shared. Together we can make a difference:

Donation link (Kindly share with your friends) ~ย

Here is a Gallery of some more shots of the refined mountain gorilla characters, with a new look and feel.

[nggallery id=15]

Galiwango Film ~ a Pre-Production and promotional Preview. The film is still in production. Thank you all for your support. Learm more about the film at:ย

This is the Video interview that Aired on VOA. At the top is the most current Galiwango Film Preview. ย Do please help support the completion of this Wildlife Conservation film: Donation link:ย


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  3. Tahylda says:

    Great work & so inspiring.Keep flying Ugandan flag high,we are proud of you & may God bless the works of your hands.

  4. Joanita Nakayiza says:

    Reading about the loss and how hard it was doing everything again! It is so inspiring to know that you will keep on to the end!
    I feel blessed to be a part of this creation! Thank you for making our dreams come true!

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Thanks Joanita, it’s been quite the journey ๐Ÿ™‚ friends like you have made the process so worth it, I appreciate the support and words of encouragement. Together we can make a difference!!!

  5. Looking fantastic my friend, way to set a deadline. That is how things get DONE!

  6. Dav Kay says:

    Solomon, man this is tight animation man, Uganda we need to make more than a mark on the world. Oh Uganda

  7. Allie Mutaka says:

    hi i a have seen your work and i appreciated the good work you are doing i feel proud because of your work,keep it up.
    I would like you to submit this film in the next Amakula Kampala Cinema Caravan Festival.

    • Soreel GraFX says:

      Thanks Allie, I appreciate the kind words and thank you for stopping by. I would be more than honored, do feel free to submit it to the Festival. Gakyali Mabaga ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Bill says:

    Sseruganda, may the good Lord keep His hand over you all the through your struggle to save humanity’s next of kin!! God bless you

  9. I feel so blessed to be apart of this awesome cause,i for sure are happy to widely spread the word and keep sharing with friends from near and far.Keep on keeping on Solomon,u know you got all the Kellermann Foundation family support and more!

  10. Kenneth Lumala says:

    bro its all good, i hv noticed frm the gorilla tht it has a LOVE sign nose, really funny…continue the struggle thw pay is in the horizon

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