Poll, Diaspora Fund for the Transportation of Deceased Relatives back to Uganda

Hi Fellow Ugandans, I am beginning to wonder if we here in the Ugandan Diaspora need a fund of some kind, that we donate to every month, like say $1 dollar or $5, which can then help transport anyone’s relative back home for burial in the event of a sudden death, with priority going to those in the donation pool.

The balance would be open to every member to know the amount for transparency sake. What do you guys think?

Would you be willing to donate to such an effort? I am receiving a number of requests for help when relatives pass away. I think it would really help. Chime in please.

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  1. Soreel GraFX says:

    Hi TMS, thanks for your input, that’s definitely an option, Someone else on the Ugandan Diaspora group page brought up that issue ~ but it also seems like not many Ugandans want to do that or are taking advantage of the insurance available.

    There is that oh so sticky problem of immigration status, which Insurance companies definitely have to consider … what do you think?

  2. TMS Ruge says:

    I think it would work better if it was tied into a general insurance scheme tied to a major insurance company that offered other pool benefits, from Car, to Housing, rental, health, etc. The Masaba Association is working on something like this for their association. i think you are opening up a can of worms if this fund ever runs into an issue or is low on deposits.

    So we’ll need to line up with an insurance company that foresees the potential huge benefit of tapping into a lucrative Diaspora market. Something like this offered under the UNAA umbrella would make more sense than what UNAA offers right now in terms of incentives to join the organization.

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