3D Commercial for Time Warner

I created this TV commercial for Time Warner through Marketing Matters, an Advertising Agency based in Austin, Texas. I used 3D Studio Max, Motionbuilder and After Effects.

Check out the complete marketing package here: http://www.twcbc.com/Texas/LeadGen/OAE/DigitalTransporter.html

FIBER WORLD TVC ~ “The Digital World is full of Congestion, Slow Networks, Long Upload/Download Times and a World full of people trying to Break in and Steal your Private Files. This was the old Network …. Welcome to the World of Fiber.”


  1. Nice work you are very professional and i like the short robotic FMV i was checking the DAZ 3D website thats how i saw some of your work i use DAZ 3D software too i use CARRARA STUDIO 8 PRO and some HEXAGO too keep up the great work

  2. Paulsen Nyika says:

    ths stuff z awesome continue wt the gud works

  3. Very inspiring stuff Solomon. You are very very talented my friend!

  4. Michael Noah says:

    That’s really great. Hope someday I can get some new skills from you.

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