Galiwango Film Update | Trailer

This sound track was written and composed by Paul Mutebi, formerly of LimitX, for the Galiwango film. The film is still in production and we need your support to bring it to completion. Together we can make a difference in conserving the last remaining mountain gorillas. Join other Galiwango fans here:

Special Thanks to Pete and his Team at Bohemia Interactive Simulations for their continued support of the Galiwango Film |


  1. Muhiire Nathan says:


  2. Soreel GraFX says:

    Thanks Beatrice for stopping by. Like we say back home Kamu Kamu …. I do believe we can make a difference on a local level. We as the natives need to do a better job at conserving Uganda’s treasures.

  3. beatrice asiimwe says:

    its really creative than i cud imagin wow i love it

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