A limited Collection of my Poems

“Mine is a home in the skies. I soar and Glide…what I have put here is a whiff of that fleeting breeze. temporal, but titillating..”


My head may Swirl
And my vision dim
My arms may hang
Limply by my side
Yet will my heart sing
My soul Praise
and my Spirit lift
To the bosom of My Maker
For He is my light in darkness
My strength in times of weakness
A steadfast anchor
When storms rage

Times may be hard
and my cry seemingly unheard
Yet in my peril
At my wits end
There is a Hero
Whose name is I AM.

S W. J


  1. Soreel GraFX says:

    Thanks Ray. Life inspires me to write. I do my level best to find something positive in the bleakest of situations. And So I write. And I am a story teller at heart πŸ™‚ You can check this animated film that I am working on called Galiwango, Obulamu Bw’Ekisodde – http://www.galiwango.com – which came out of a poem a while back.

  2. RAY KIWANUKA says:

    i like reading poetry and this is a nice one.i don’t need a dictionary to understand it.what inspires you to write?

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