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Bohemia Interactive Simulations Supporting Galiwango Film

Man, I am so excited to have Bohemia Interactive Simulations supporting the Galiwango Film. Much appreciation to the CEO, Pete. You guys have made this journey worth it and thanks for believing and for joining the effort to raise awareness to the last remaining mountain [...]


Bringing Galiwango to Life | Tech Insight

Bringing Galiwango to Life | Tech Insight

This is the beginning of a Facial Motion Capture layout - starting with Styrofoam balls - End result will be better Emotion capture for the 3D Characters Galiwango Film



Tempest tossed, I sail home, The tide I ride, filled with foam, Closer and closer to the shore, My sea beaten boat is drawn, Creaks sound loud, leaks looking wide, Gashes adorn the bow, Sails spluttered with streaks and tears, Left in the wake of unmerciful gales .....