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Collection of Animated 3D Cinematics, Commercials, Simulation Scenarios and Vignettes. Created with 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush, Vue xStream, Motionbuilder, CS. Post production done with After Effects and Premiere. Character Animation done with Motionbuilder. Scenes rendered using Mental Ray, Octane, FinalRender and Vue xStream. Texture mapping created with Photoshop, crazy bump and image synth.

This is a recent Cinematic I created for Mixamo, a motion capture Studio based in San Francisco. They used it at their booth at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC 2011). Mixamo has been extremely helpful in the production of the Galiwango Film. Thanks Nateon and the Entire team.

Here is the Video of the Short 3D Character animation featuring a Family learning How to get Along in a Small Fictional Village called Blameville. I used Motionbuilder for the Character Rigging and animation, and 3DS Max and Mental Ray for the Rendering. Postproduction was done in Adobe After Effects.


This is a recent, Rapid turn around, 3D cinematic I created for Mixamo Inc (, a Motion Capture Studio based in San Francisco, and Autodesk (  The workflow includes use of the Autodesk animation Store, which is built into 3DS Max 2013, and motion builder. Mixamo needed a demo of the workflow on how an independent film could use their store, and so they approached me to create the cinematic. I enjoyed every moment of it and truly treasure the partnership and working relationship I have developed with their Motion Capture team, with Nateon Ajelo as the Motion capture Director.


I created This commercial for Time Warner through Marketing Matters, an Advertising Agency based in Austin, Texas. I used 3D Studio Max, Motionbuilder and After Effects.

“The Digital World is full of Congestion, Slow Networks, Long Upload/Download Times and a World full of people trying to Break in and Steal your Private Files. This was the old Network …. Welcome to the World of Fiber.”


This is a 30 Second TV commercial I created for Omega Bugembe Okello’s Mulago Hospital Benefit Concert. The live Concert took place in Uganda at the Kampala Serena Hotel.


Underwater animated 3D sequence of a submarine hunt scene. Created with Vue Xstream and rendered in Vue. Testing the fluid dynamics and caustics plus camera tracking.


  1. Nariman says:


    Your works are really astonishing. I hope you and your friends successful career and happy life. All the matter in your portfolio (this page) are somehow familiar for me but the part of rendering in vue and animation with craft director was a question. I export craft animation file as .vob file from max to vue but when I import this file in Vue the result is very strange! The road is not the same size of Vue spline (it is the sam exported/imported road between max and Vue. AND .. the car body is just many parts all through each other.
    In the only semi-solution! the car is good but I see the car parts as CUBES .. How can I overcome to vanish those cubes?

  2. Elijah Lemon says:

    Very informative blog article. Great.

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